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2017 CRF 450R/RX Lowering Link


Industry first, no touch, automatic fork bleeders.

2017 CRF 450R/RX Lowering Link

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unnamed (2).jpg

2017 CRF 450R/RX Lowering Link


Use the trusted Koubalink name to lower your motorcycle and improve handling.

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Performance and lowering links for the 2017 CRF 450r and 450rx. Available in 0.25", 0.5", and 1.5" sizes. Lifetime warranty on bearings and seals, comes ready to install with grease zerk.  See below to determine which link best suits your riding style.




Motocross performance link, slightly lowers the rear (.25") for improved stability and rear wheel traction.


Also great for motocross racing, but would work for off road riding as well. This link lowers the rear (.5"), and will better suit lighter riders and those that like a softer feel on their rear shock. 


The CRF17-2 lowers the rear 1.5". Great for trail riding and for riders that want a much lower seat height. Not recommended for motocross.