Q: Why do I need an AIRPRO for the front suspension on my snow bike?
A: Snow bikes are approximately 65 to 85 pounds heavier than the stock motorcycle (without considering the weight of any snow, auxillary fuel tanks, racks, etc on the bike)  
With the standard fork setup, severe bottoming will occur if ridden even semi-aggressively. Very aggressive ridingwill bend the lower fork tubes and lead to major expenses .
Most snow bikes kits utilize a thick aluminum plate/adapter to attach the front ski to the forks and these adapters reducefork travel by approx .75 to 1.5 inches.

Q: Can I just pay to have my forks revalved, resprung, and use heavier oil and increase the oil level?  
A:  Yes, but those modifications can cost upwards of $600 to $800 vs. the $169 Airpro kit. Also, the Airpro allows a rider to adjust the bottoming resistance while on the trail, within seconds.

If an owner still chooses to revalve and respring the fork, when it's time to convert the snowbike back into a regular dirt bike, the front forks will need to be resprung, revalved, and oil level adjusted again to obtain good handling characteristics when ridden off road or motocross. With the Airpro, the kit stays installed year around and the owner simply bleeds the air from the schrader valve or you can contact Airpro for their fully automatic fork bleeder system.      

Q: Will the AIRPRO lead to a rougher ride?
A: The Airpro allows the rider to adjust air pressure for any condition. If the fork ride feels too firm, decrease pressure to 5 psi.  If the fork bottoms out on big impacts,  increase the psi to 10 to 15. You still retain the stock compression and rebound adjustment clickers with an Airpro.

Q: What models will the AIRPRO fit?
A: We offer Airpros for KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Husqvarna, and Husaberg and Sherco. 

Q:  Will the added air pressure cause fork seal problems or internal damage to the fork?

A: Not at all. We performed extensive tests over a two year period at various psi levels and up to 60 psi with absolutely no issues. We saw no fork seal failures and the internals of the forks looked new due to the fact the severe bottoming was eliminated.

Q: What does it cost and how do I get one?
A: Cost is $169 and we ship same day. Orders can be placed here on our website or through your local WPS dealer. As always, you can contact us direct at (208) 283-8419 with any comments, concerns, or technical questions.

Q: What type of a warranty does the AIRPRO have?
A: Lifetime warranty, no questions asked. 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA!

Q: Can i pay with PayPal?
A: Yes, you can use PayPal at checkout on our website.